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IEEE offers grants to both students and faculty advisors to support student design projects that include the use/implementation of technical standard(s), one of which must be an IEEE standard.  Other technical standards may be referenced but an IEEE standard must be the primary standard of the project.

IEEE will publish the results as a student application paper.

Grants include US$500 for students, with additional US$300 honoraria for faculty advisors.

Application Eligibility and Requirements  


  • Student design projects may be undergraduate*, graduate, or capstone design projects.
  • Team and individual submissions are eligible.
  • The project must include the use/implementation of a technical standard(s), one of which must be an IEEE standard. Other technical standards may be referenced but an IEEE standard must be the primary standard of the project. 

Only third and fourth-year undergraduate projects are eligible.

A student or team of students beginning a design or development project should complete and submit an application that includes an abstract summary describing the project.  The abstract should include:

  • Project title, scope, goal, and the rationale for selecting this project. (What are you trying to build and why?)
  • Has this project already started? If yes, include an explanation of where you are in the project timeline.
  • Provide a list of technical industry standards being analyzed and how they will be implemented to achieve your project goal.  If you will be comparing two or more standards, please illustrate.  An IEEE standard must be the primary standard. ***NOTE that using off-the-shelf modules, products, or components built to industry standards does not satisfy this requirement.
  • Description or plan of how the project will proceed from beginning to end, including:
    1. where within the project you will be choosing/considering the standard(s);
    2. an explanation of how and when you will apply the standard(s) in the project.
  • What is the target date for final paper submission to the Standards Education Committee? (If the target date exceeds 6 months from the date of the application, please include an explanation.)
  • A minimum of 300 words and MAXIMUM of 500 words

The student or team should enlist the support and guidance of a Faculty Advisor from the student's university/college.

The student or team will also be required to submit a Final Student Application Paper upon completion of the project.  The final paper should outline which industry technical standard(s) was applied (analyzed and implemented) and highlight specific design choices in the application of the various technical standards and describe the resulting product, process, or service.  The paper should be reviewed by the Faculty Advisor, who can make suggestions and recommendations for improvements.  IEEE will publish the final paper as a student application paper.

The application will also include:

  • a declaration of intention to submit an application paper for publication by the IEEE upon completion of the project;
  • a statement of endorsement from a faculty advisor.

*Examples of industry standards: IEEE 802.11 Standard for Wireless LANs, IEEE 11073 Standards for Health Infomatics, National Electric Safety Code, etc.
For a list of IEEE groups working on industry standards, see Standards Working Groups at IEEE.org.

Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year.  Please click here to submit an application.

Published Student Application Papers:
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