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IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGA) Awards recognize and honor individuals and companies for major contributions to engineering and technical education. Awards are given for:

Learn more about the MGA Awards nomination process, guidelines and eligibility, and how to submit a nomination 

Awards are given for the following:

MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award

MGA Innovation Award

MGA Leadership Award

MGA Achievement Award

MGA Young Professionals Achievement Award

MGA William W. Middleton Distinguished Service Award

IEEE VP Member and Geographic Activities Discretionary Award  

Friend of IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Award

MGA Outstanding Large Section Award

MGA Outstanding Medium Section Award 

MGA Outstanding Small Section Award


MGA is currently accepting nominations for the MGA Wilson, Innovation, Leadership, Achievement, and Young Professionals Achievement Awards. The deadline for all submissions is 15 October, 11:59pm ET.

MGA awards are peer-recognized awards, and therefore, self-nomination is not permitted.**. 

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