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The IEEE Computer Society recognizes outstanding work by its members who enhance the field through technical achievement and service to the computer profession and society.

Eckert-Mauchly Award - Deadline: 30 March

A certificate and $5,000 are awarded jointly by the ACM and the Computer Society for outstanding contributions to the field of computer and digital systems architecture.

B. Ramakrishna Rau Award - Deadline: 1 May

The Rau Award will be presented in recognition of substantial contributions in the field of computer microarchitecture and compiler code generation. A certificate and a $2,000 honorarium are awarded for an outstanding, innovative contribution to microarchitecture, use of novel microarchitectural techniques or compiler/architecture interfacing.

IEEE CS/SEI Watts S. Humphrey Award - Deadline: 1 June

IEEE Computer Society/Software Engineering Institute Watts S. Humphrey Software Process Achievement Award is a non-competitive award offered annually. Award recipients receive an engraved commemorative plaque and make one or more presentations at appropriate practitioner and researcher community events. Award recipients also produce an SEI Technical Report describing their accomplishments, experiences, and lessons learned. The SEI helps produce this report and pays the authors an honorarium of $1500 to partially offset the expense of preparing their presentation and report.


High Performance Awards – Deadline: 1 July

ACM/IEEE-CS Ken Kennedy Award

Established in memory of Ken Kennedy, the founder of Rice University's nationally ranked computer science program and one of the world's foremost experts on high-performance computing. A certificate and $5,000 honorarium are awarded jointly by the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society for outstanding contributions to programmability or productivity in high-performance computing together with significant community service or mentoring contributions.

Seymour Cray Computer Engineering Award

Established in late 1997. A crystal memento, illuminated certificate, and $10,000 honorarium are awarded to recognize innovative contributions to high performance computing systems that best exemplify the creative spirit demonstrated by Seymour Cray.

Sidney Fernbach Award

Established in 1992 in memory of Sidney Fernbach, one of the pioneers in the development and application of high performance computers for the solution of large computational problems. A certificate and $2,000 are awarded for outstanding contributions in the application of high performance computers using innovative approaches. Nomination are solicited from the conference committees of SC. 

Computer Society Major Awards – Deadline: 1 October

Charles Babbage Award

In recognition of significant contributions in the field of parallel computation. This award covers all aspects of parallel computing including computational aspects, novel applications, parallel algorithms, theory of parallel computation, parallel computing technologies, among others.

Computer Entrepreneur Award

A sterling silver chalice is awarded to managers and leaders that are responsible for the growth of some segment of the computer industry, or technical managers whose entrepreneurial leadership built the computer industry. The efforts must have taken place over fifteen years earlier, and the industry effects must be generally and openly visible.

Computer Science & Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award

A plaque, certificate and a stipend of $2,000 is awarded to recognize outstanding contributions to undergraduate education through both teaching and service and for helping to maintain interest, increase the visibility of the society, and make a statement about the importance with which we view undergraduate education.

Computer Pioneer Award

A bronze medal is presented for significant contributions to concepts and developments in the electronic computer field which have clearly advanced the state of the art in computing. The contributions must have taken place fifteen or more years earlier.

Harry H. Goode Memorial Award

A bronze medal and $2,000 are awarded by the Computer Society on the basis of achievements in the information processing field which are considered either a single contribution of theory, design, or technique of outstanding significance, or the accumulation of important contributions on theory or practice over an extended time period, the total of which represent an outstanding contribution.

Hans Karlsson Standards Award

Established in 1992 in memory of Hans Karlsson, chairman and father of the IEEE 1301 family of standards. A plaque and $2,000 honorarium is presented in recognition of outstanding skills and dedication to diplomacy, team facilitation and joint achievement, in the development or promotion of standards in the computer industry where individual aspirations, corporate competition, and organizational rivalry could otherwise be counter to the benefit of society. Eligibility is limited to present or past participants in IEEE CS Standards activities.

Harlan D. Mills Award

Established in Harlan D. Mill's name to recognize researchers and practitioners who have demonstrated long-standing, sustained, and impactful contributions to software engineering practice and research through the development and application of sound theory. This technical award was first given in 1999. The award consists of a $3,000 honorarium, museum-quality memento, and a possible invited talk during the week of the annual International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), co-sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE).

Richard E. Merwin Award for Distinguished Service

The highest level volunteer service award of the Computer Society. A bronze medal and $5,000 are given for outstanding service to the profession at large, including significant service to the Computer Society or its predecessor organizations.

Technical Achievement Award

A certificate and $2,000 honorarium are presented for outstanding and innovative contributions to the fields of computer and information science and engineering or computer technology, usually within the past ten, and not more than fifteen years.

Taylor L. Booth Education Award

A bronze medal and $5,000 honorarium are awarded for an outstanding record in computer science and engineering education. The individual must meet two or more of the following criteria in the computer science and engineering field: 1. Achieving recognition as a teacher of renown. 2. Writing an influential text. 3. Leading, inspiring or providing significant education content during the creation of a curriculum in the field. 4. Inspiring others to a career in computer science and engineering education.

W. Wallace McDowell Award

A bronze medal and $2,000 honorarium are presented for outstanding recent theoretical, design, educational, practical, or other similar innovative contributions that fall within the scope of Computer Society interest.

Service Awards and Certificates – Deadline: 31 December
Certificate of Appreciation

NOMINATIONS ARE ACCEPTED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR.  This certificate is awarded for creditable service to any Society activity or program.  Awards signed by the function chair certify the function's appreciation for services performed by individuals. Areas of contribution would include service with a conference organizing or program committee. It can be given to subcommittee members in lieu of a letter of appreciation.


Continuous Service Certificate

NOMINATIONS ARE ACCEPTED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. This certificate is awarded for ongoing credible service to any Society activity or program. This is intended to recognize and encourage the ongoing involvement of volunteers in Society programs. The initial certificate may be awarded after three years of continuous service. Service may be within a single role over multiple years, or reflect changes of roles within the Society. This is comparable to multiple Certificates of Appreciation signed at the presidential level.

Distinguished Service Certificate

NOMINATIONS ARE ACCEPTED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. This certificate is the highest service award in recognition for long and distinguished service to the IEEE Computer Society at a level of dedication and achievement rarely demonstrated. Often includes service in several capacities, and positions of significant Society responsibility, with contribution levels justifying multiple Meritorious Service Certificates or higher. Areas of contributions might include initiating a Society program or conference, continuing officership in the Computer Society, or long-term and active service on Society committees.

Harry Hayman for Distinguished Staff Achievement

NOMINATIONS ARE ACCEPTED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. A plaque and $5,000 honorarium are presented for long and distinguished service of an exemplary nature in the performance of duties over and above those called for as a regular employee of the Society. This is the highest service award given to an active member of the Computer Society staff.

Meritorious Service Certificate

NOMINATIONS ARE ACCEPTED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. The Meritorious Service Certificate is the second highest level service certificate. A certificate is given for meritorious service to an IEEE Computer Society-sponsored activity. Qualification is enhanced by the level and number of contributions, excellence, dedication, and tenure of service. Examples are: any significant role in one activity such as an editorship, committee or conference support of unusual and/or continuing nature, and service as a Computer Society officer, committee or conference general or program chair.

Outstanding Contribution Certificate

NOMINATIONS ARE ACCEPTED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. The Outstanding Contribution Certificate is the third highest level service certificate. Unlike the Distinguished Service and Meritorious Service Certificates, this certificate is given for a specific achievement of major value and significance to the IEEE Computer Society. The achievement should be a specific, concisely characterized accomplishment, as opposed to a collection of different efforts. Examples are: the successful launching of a major conference series, a specific publication, standards and model curricula. A group OC award may be given for a major contribution in which a number of volunteers each made significant contributions. Certificates bearing all names would be awarded.