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2022 AIAA IEEE EATS Student Design Competition

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High-Voltage/High Power Distribution Propulsion Design for Zero Emission Aircraft


Stimulated by ambitious emission reduction goals established by our modern society due to the climate, radical technologies and revolutionary design approaches are required for the future aviation sector. One way to achieve these goals resides in increased electrification of aircraft. As one future promising technology, advanced battery systems have been identified as one of the solutions for this electrification. However, the aviation sector has requirements for large amounts of electrical power at high voltage (up to megawatts) for such airborne applications. Because of the severe weight and volume constraints imposed to any aircraft design and stringent reliability and safety requirements, the design of a high-voltage/high power distribution propulsion system for zero-emission aircraft needs a careful examination. Such skills are now essential to engineers who design aircraft of the future.


The aim of the EATS Student Design Challenge 2022 is to trigger increased awareness in design towards managing phenomena linked to high voltage. The main goal is to design a high-voltage/high-power distribution propulsion system for a 4 E-motor full-electric aircraft. The entry into service (EIS) is 2040 for a 9 PAX + 1 crew + luggage aircraft with 260km range including a 50 km backup. The challenge includes electric distribution optimization, component sizing, safety considerations, and risks mitigation linked to phenomena like discharges or electric arcs. The objective is to have energy storage to supplement take off, climb, go-around, and emergencies via batteries and the 4 E-motors.

For complete information, visit the website at:  https://tec.ieee.org/conferences-workshops/2022-aiaa-ieee-eats-student-design-competition