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2018 IEEE EAB Volunteer Position Application

Current EAB Volunteers do not need to complete an application.  In the coming weeks, 2017 volunteers will receive a survey where applying for a position will be included.

Tips for Completing an EAB Volunteer Application:

In advance of using the online submission tool, please be sure to:

  • Select up to 3 position(s) of interest.
  • Know your IEEE Member Number and Grade.
  • Have a position statement prepared.
  • Have a list of IEEE activities/involvement available.
  • Have a list of EA activities/involvement available.
  • Have a CV or biographical information to upload or cut and paste.

When using the online submission tool, note:

  • If you do not complete the application in one session and would like to continue at a later time, select “Save”.
  • Once you have completed the application, click “Save and Finalize”.

Nominations are also accepted.

  • If this is a nomination for someone else, please make sure the nominee has been contacted and is willing to serve if selected.